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For the love of TACOS!!!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

So its 2021, a new year, a new beginning, you know all the typical clichés are here. We have resolutions, weight loss journeys, vision boards and plans for the year! All of these things are wonderful, they help you to feel inspired, they motivate you, they help you to feel you're working towards something GREAT!

2020 was foggy for a lot of us. It got really weird at some points, like really WEIRD. We had to be present, like, completely present with ourselves! I don't know about you, but that was challenging. Sitting with anxiety, cooking everything in sight, weird sleep patterns, no schedule, just complete impulsive living with no idea on when it all would end. Although, it got weird and often overwhelming. I'm grateful for that time. It allowed me to be STILL, something I honestly cannot remember doing since I was a young girl (I mean, I'm still a spring chicken, but you get the point). Anyway, it created serenity and peace in a sense. 2020 eliminated the HUSTLE and BUSTLE for me and forced me to be STILL!! Through that time, I connected with nature, I took time to get grounded. I rediscovered my love for reading. I discovered I had a lot of hidden skills!

Although my life has transitioned back to as close to PRE-COVID-19 normal as it can. I want to regain that sense of peace and tranquility again. So, I've challenged myself. I want to be STILL, because of my very demanding schedule I often forget to be present with myself. I don't reflect on how I am truly feeling. I don't get a second to pour into myself. Did I not learn anything from 2020? Was it all in vain? I've just jumped right back into societal norms and neglecting me, like we didn't just go through a whirlwind of crazy!

Like most, I've decided to start the year DIFFERENT. If you know me, I ADORE food, TACOS to be exact. Well then theres pizza, burgers, fries, cheese and yes more cheese! You get the point, food is my love. It’s a complicated love. So for starters to resetting my mindset, I want to take it a step further! Let's make this a spiritual journey all together. For starters, clean eating (hopefully, I wont cave). Number two, starting my day with a GRATEFUL heart. Number three, utilizing mindfulness practices (serious meditation, truly putting in effort). Lastly, going overkill on the SELF LOVE/SELF CARE. Most people try these things YEARLY. (I too, am most people!) However, this year I want to include something I haven't before. INTENTION! I want to purposefully work towards these goals, I want to really connect and challenge myself to new insights and understandings.

2020 was truly a vision, a vision into what really matters and that is you being your best. FOCUSING on things that truly matter and truly bring value to your life!

let’s walk together....

What intentional plans have you made?

Want to join me in the 2021 takeover, comment below?

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