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The Nightingale of NW

Hey Team Empressher!

It's been some time, right?! Well, life has definitely been crazy since the pandemic. A growing business, new chapters for myself and my kids and career growth to name a few things. But those are the cute things! On the contrary, there's been a lot of stressors too. My family and I have just been navigating through life's ups and down's. We've experienced a lot of grief, some abandonment and your regularly scheduled adolescent horrors (insert screams here). Mental health professionals, like me, we preach self-care and mental wellness, but we are the absolutely WORST at practicing it. So, I've devoted the past year to being intentional about "me". I would recommend you jot that last statement down! You have permission to be selfish. It's vital, and it's ok.

With that intentional time, I feel like I have truly tapped into my essence and that purpose and passion I've harped on for years. Crazy things have been happening for me y'all! But out of everything, this is by far the craziest. In 2020, I started this business to change the narrative on mental health in black and brown communities. I wanted to educate and create a space for people like me to feel safe and heard and validated. There were times, I felt complacent, not capable and even experienced some imposture syndrome. But even though I had those brief moments of doubt, I stayed the course. This year, the unthinkable happened and weeks later, I am still in shock. I say all this to say, we're human, life is hard and sometimes we may feel stuck or that our vision is just too big. Stay the course, reset if you need to. Find your core group, get that recharge so you can feel empowered again. Because when we heal, we have the capacity to do amazing things.

Click the link below to find out how, I became the nightingale of NW, Roanoke VA.

"When you're doing what you're called to do, there will be signs."

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